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Fellows Massage & Wellness, LLC is a small business located in Southtown San Antonio dedicated to providing a variety of massage techniques that will provide the ultimate relief for our customers specific goals and needs. Our team of massage therapists are trained to perform therapeutic massage, sports massage, cupping therapy, and scraping. Each of our customers can expect a detailed intake discussion with their licensed massage therapist so that the session will be focused around their muscle tension/mobility needs and not a typical full body spa massage session. At Fellows Massage we strongly believe that massage therapy is an amazing natural way to heal your body. We are meant to live feeling good, not live in pain.

Bethany Fellows

Owner and Founder

Bethany is the owner of Fellows Massage & Wellness. She attended massage therapy school in Costa Rica and had wonderful guidance from licensed massage therapists, physical therapists and homeopathic doctors. She received her massage therapy license in 2013 and gained a lot of experience working with various chiropractors as well as obtaining various medical massage modality certifications. In 2018 Bethany moved forward to open Fellows Massage & Wellness as she felt like the world needed more muscle specific massage work that would truly make the difference for clients mentally and physically as opposed to the typical spa relaxation massage establishments. Bethany has always been active and involved in sports and competitions so she can relate to many clients that are working through injuries. She has a passion for health, fueling the body with nutritious food and enjoying each and every day. Bethany is excited to continue to grow the Fellows Massage team to have more quality licensed massage therapists that can help more clients get productive massage work that will bring on noticeable physical and mental relief based on their particular needs.

Our Team

Of Therapists


Rebecca is a such a joy to have on the Fellows Massage Team! She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005 and has a passion for helping clients work through pain and get on the road to recovery. Rebecca relates to many of our clients as she had lived with her own chronic pain and mobility issues throughout her life. Rebecca loves to cycle, hike, fuel her body with fresh vegetarian food and has rescued five wonderful fur babies.


Anna is a blessing to have on our Fellows Massage team! She is a kind hearted soul that has always loved working with people. Anna previously worked as a teacher and decided to make a career change as a licensed massage therapist as she had personally experienced the mental and physical relief massage therapy sessions provide. Anna has now been a licensed massage therapist for 6 years and has helped so many of our clients feel pain relief by providing focused quality massage sessions. Anna loves to take walks, ride motorcycles and spend time with her sweet family especially their recent addition of an adopted two year old son.

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